Bores Pinholes & Keyways Explained

Saw blades can be provided with any bore ( centre hole ) size on request. There are usually no additional charges for bore or pinhole/keyway requirements.There may be an additional charge for a large number of holes and for countersunk holes. Bore size and pinhole/keyways can be specified in the option boxes on each blade product page, if the option you want is not shown you can still proceed to checkout by selecting OTHER and then adding your requirements in a comment box during the checkout procedure, or you can email us your instructions. Please note that bores less than 30mm may be provided by using a reduction bush. Please be careful specifying the bore you want, check it twice and order it once - not the other way around.


The way we specify pinholes is the QUANTITY first, the hole diameter second ( in mm ) and then the distance from centre of bore to centre of pinhole ( for one pinhole ) or distance between pinhole centres ( for two pinholes ) or pitch circle diameter for multiple pinholes . So an example would be as follows: 2-10-60, this translates as two pinholes, 10mm diameter and because there are two pinholes the last dimension is from one hole centre across the bore to the other hole centre. Another example is 1-13-38, this translates as one hole, 13mm diameter and 38mm from centre of bore to centre of pinhole. All clear? so try these. 1-10-40, 2-11-63, 4-12-80.  For older british machines we often get single pinholes required, this is no problem at all. There can be some confusion measuring and ordering. We tend to convert any imperial measurement of pinholes to mm.  e.g.  a 5/8" hole at 1 3/8" centres will convert to  1-16-35.... simples!